United Nations: economic and social council, director general August 22, 1995

Commission on human rights – The Commission on Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities – The Forty Seventh Session Agenda Item Nineteen

Implications of that humanitarian activities for the enjoyment of human rights. Written statement submitted by international educational development. A non governmental organization on the roster. The Secretary – general has a received the following communication, which is circulated in accordance with economic and social council resolution 1296.

  1. International educational development/humanitarian law project has been concerned about the armed conflict in Iran between a military forces of the home a new regime and the national liberation army (NLA) of the national council of resistance of Iran. We have also been keenly aware of the situation of the Kurdish people in the area and have raised our concerns, based on our own investigations, in the united nations human rights forums.
  2. We have been a distressed because of certain misinterpretations of events in the area, in particular allegations made that the NLA has collaborated with the armed forces of the government of Iraq, inter alia by participating in the attacks against Kurdish people in Kirkuk,Qara Hanjeer, Kifri and Altun Kopir in April, 1991. there are also allegations that NLA troops took part in the use of chemical weapons against Kurdish villages, and that they even collaborated earlier with the then Shah against the Kurdish peoples.
  3. From our independent investigation and discussion with parties involved, we find the these allegations are false. Accordingly, we wish to set out the facts as we believe them to be.
  4. During the Gulf War, the NLA evacuated the military bases they had incurred ish areas along the Iran-Iraq border – summit in the north and some in the south. They relocated to the middle border area away from Kurdish settlements. The key reason for this costly relocation was to remove themselves from Iraq’s internal affairs.
  5. After the defeat of the Iraqi forces in the gulf war, the Iranian regime began a two pronged initiative to annihilate the NLA and to establish an Iranian-controlled Islamic government in Iraq. In March, 1991, Iran sent seven Guard Corp divisions and brigades to attack NLA base camps and on the border. However, these were heavily defeated by NLA fighters. Six of the Iranian soldiers captured by the NLA wore Kurdish dress. At the same time, the Iranian regime sought to hire Iraqi kurds’ to fight against the NLA, and and the Kurdish areas demolished the abandoned NLA camps.
  6. The “ Kurdish” prisoners of war ( who were in fact Iranians) held by the NLA were subsequently presented to the international committee of the Red Cross, and they conceded that the Iranian regime was trying to recruit Kurds to fight the NLA. The prisoners were released by order of M. Rajavi, commander and chief of the NLA and extensive documentation as well as film footage and photographs were also made available to the public about these events.
  7. The NLA and the national resistance council of Iran send messages to Kurdish groups in Iraq indicating that they had no interest whatsoever in interfering with them or in their own it struggles. They reiterated that their only objective was directed at the Khomeini regime and stressed that they had relocated to central border areas away from the Kurds.
  8. This communication follows a pattern of good relations between the NLA, National Resistance Council of Iran and the Kurdish people and their leaders in Iraq. Resistance leaders have met with leaders of the Iraqi Kurdish Democratic Party (led by Mr. Barzani) and freely associates with other Kurdish groups in Iraq, Europe, the United States and the United Nations sessions.
  9. Most of the allegations made against the NLA regarding the Kurdish people come from a man named Jamshid Tafrishi-Enginee, who was cited by people at this session of the sub commission as a former leader of the Iranian resistance. Our investigation indicates that Mr. Tafrishi-Enginee joined the resistance in 1988, but left after nineteen months with a low rank. In his letter of resignation, handwritten and dated September 23, 1990, he cites personal problems and requests lead to transfer to a refugee camp. He then traveled to Europe where he began to campaign publicly against the NLA. There is compelling evidence that he is in fact an agent of the Khomeini regime’s Ministry of Intelligence.
  10. IED/HLP has a first-hand experience that the Khomeini regime seeks to draw attention away from the civil war in Iran – in fact the regime has fought diligently to keep all mention of the war and application of humanitarian law out of the United Nations reports and resolutions on the situation in Iran. The regime intends to make the international community beleive the NLA is a really fighting the Kurdish people in Iraq and as such is a pawn of the Iraq regime. We present this assessment of these events because in our view, misinformation must be challenged and true facts presented in the interest of sound and honest evaluation of events in Iran and of the civil war raging there.




  • United Nations: economic and social council, director general August 22, 1995

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