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Cheney Slams War Critics, Praises Murtha

Posted by humint to conservative_2001
On News/Activism 11/21/2005 3:22:02 PM PST · 34 of 57

Murtha, from his hometown of Johnstown, Pa., defended his call for a pullout on Monday, saying he was only following shifting American sentiment as reflected in polls and phone calls and e-mails to his office.

Passively receiving American's hopes to attain "world peace" by pulling out of Iraq is a poor way to conduct politics. In time of war, those who have a clear vision and strong resolve must be found, their vision articulated and represented, otherwise democracy will never again be able to win war. The fact is, no sane person wants war and given the alternative will reject it. War is repugnant! Free citizens do reject war if they don't understand the goal. A free and stable Iraq will bring a new era of peace and security to the region and beyond. That’s the goal! To surrender now would virtually guarantee the U.S. will face attacks as we retreat and the region will slip into a very dark age.

But the GWOT has no front line and retreating from Iraq will embolden attackers to assault more cities beyond Iraq within the community of free nations. New York, Madrid, London and Amman were perpetrated not because the U.S. invaded Iraq but because Islamic radicals and their twisted logic of hate invaded our neighborhoods and have been doing so since the rise of the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1979 if not before then.

Listening to the speeches of President Bush these days, it’s as though his administration has finally come to fathom the width and breadth of the war we are in. But remember, awareness of it now does not suggest it wasn’t occurring before now. Given that, I’m not surprised even a little, that at the same moment one of our leader’s has an enlightened epiphany, another finds solace in the exactly the opposite cognition.

Murtha, find the strength not only represent those who call and email your office, but also the great vision of the likes of Jefferson and Washington who knew how to lead democratically. These great men did not buckle under the weight of a few sensitive citizens who found themselves ready to surrender because they did not have the foresight to understand the situation they found their country in.

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The Iran of Old in the Days of my Youth

Posted by humint to freedom44; Cagey; A. Pole
On News/Activism 11/21/2005 12:45:35 PM PST · 17 of 17

FREEDOM44 Shahs regime killed the same people we are fighting against right now - Islamic Fundamentalists. When the Shah would jail and kill the fundamentalists it was oppression and evil but when we do it it's the war against terrorism. Not saying Shah was perfect by any means but the hypocrisy is amusing.

From the Iranian history that I’ve come to understand, you’re not correct. I’m wondering why you think this way. Do you have a list of names and organizational affiliations of Iranians executed by the Late Shah of Iran that leads you to believe this? I’m not saying this to disparage you in any way, only to get the facts straight. If you’d like to castigate American Foreign policy toward Iran in the 70’s I think we should all have a clear picture of what occurred back then. Without a doubt the Shah ordered the execution of a number of communists, Marxists and Mujahedin, none of whom can be considered “Islamic fundamentalists”. This on its own proves your assertion to be only part of a larger story if not entirely false.

Of course this depends on your definition of “Islamic Fundamentalist”. Islamo-fascist implies Valeyat e-Faqhee of rule by an Islamic [Shia] supreme leader. Typically, the adjudication of Sharia laws that the Supreme Leader subscribes to is considered “Islamic Fundamentalism”. If on the other hand you supplant the religion, IE, “[Christian | Islamic] Fundamentalist” then you are not following the standard GWOT jargon. "Christian Fundamentalists" look to the origins of Christianity and attempt to follow the path of Jesus Christ [in most cases this behavior has had a positive impact on society] while "Islamic Fundamentalists" of Khomeini's ilk have created an entirely different version of Islam to justify the government Islamic Republic of Iran. I can see where you might become confused... Many are.

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N. Korea said to aid Iran missile project

Posted by humint to layman
On News/Activism 11/21/2005 12:00:36 PM PST · 9 of 13

"The North Korean infidels are helping the Iranian Islamofascists attain the ability to blow them up. How dumb is that?"

Hitler created incredible havoc with his partners in evil, while it was revealed later that his full ambitions included their eventual annihilation. It wouldn't surprise me at all to learn both NK and Iran have "secret plans" to destroy each other, after they've destroyed the community of free nations.

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WARS AND RUMORS OF WARS Gingrich sees Iran threat to U.S. like Nazi Germany

Posted by humint to Jacob Kell
On News/Activism 11/21/2005 11:48:11 AM PST · 67 of 68

I'm posting because I was wondering what all you guys think about the notion of a possible EMP attack on the US."

Back up your family photos [secrets | company docs | etc.] by burning them on CD/DVD. Equipment is expensive... but data is priceless!

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N. Korea said to aid Iran missile project

Posted by humint to kellynla
On News/Activism 11/21/2005 11:30:55 AM PST · 7 of 13

"with the North Koreans who can't even make a decent cup of coffee building 'em and the Iranians who can't drive a cab in NYC firing the missiles; I don't think we have a thing to worry about!..."

A couple of years ago when I started paying attention to this issue, I asked myself, "What's the political rationale for a state like Iran to challenge the U.S. a nation that has been to our Moon and back, by developing a nuclear weapon and the means to deliver it?" Although this is an "unknown", I thought estimation was in order...

I came to the conclusion that the actions of Iran do not fit on our scale of rationality. What would make sense to you or me is absurd to them and vice-versa. Much of official Iranian logic is derived from their anti-American identity. When I looked analytically at the Iranian government, I was struck by the realization that its institutions do not posses an identity of their own but are defined as an “anti-identity”. And the derivative institutions have been formed solely to support this “anti-identity”. When this most recent incarnation of Iran was born its leaders maligned Islam to create legitimacy where they had none. But this version of Islam, as the free world is quickly coming to realize, is just an incantation. It will collapse, not because they can’t afford [financially or intellectually] to deliver a functioning bomb, but because they are maintaining their dictatorship with an easily exposed lie.

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N. Korea said to aid Iran missile project

Posted by humint to strategofr
On News/Activism 11/21/2005 10:30:17 AM PST · 3 of 13

" the burden naturally falls on the world’s most able nation, the United States of America." and the most motivated nation: Israel.

There is most definitely a consensus between the U.S. and Israel on Iran. But I'm sure you agree that developing a larger consensus is in the interest of both Israel and the United States. Unfortunately, the majority of the nations that sit on the IAEA’s Board of Governors does not see this issue as clearly as Israel and the U.S. do. Maybe an institutional reform would be to hire an optometrist to check the prescriptions of all UN and IAEA diplomats and issue new frames and lenses to those in need.

It might not sound like much but I’m ready to donate my bulk mail Lens Crafters coupons to the cause…

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N. Korea said to aid Iran missile project

Posted by humint
On News/Activism 11/21/2005 10:14:57 AM PST · 12 replies · 392+ views

UPI - International Intelliegence ^ | 11/21/2005 10:33:00 AM | United Press International
WASHINGTON, Nov. 21 (UPI) -- Tehran is building nuclear-warhead capable missiles with help from North Korean experts in a vast underground complex, Iranian opposition sources said Monday. The project was initiated at the end of the Iran-Iraq war in 1989. The plan involves dozens of immense tunnels and facilities built under the mountains near Tehran. "North Korean experts have cooperated with the Tehran regime in the design and building of this complex," said Alireza Jafarzadeh, president of Strategic Policy Consulting, and a former representative of the Mujahedeen-e-Khalq. "Many blueprints of the site have been prepared by North Korean experts."Hemmat Industries...

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Islam, Democracy and Iran

Posted by humint to Prasanpanich
On Bloggers & Personal 11/19/2005 1:54:55 AM PST · 9 of 12

This site is by no means what I consider useful. This is as if someone were trying to frame Christianity as the "Spanish Inquisition". The relationship between an individual and their God is personal and this site's reaction to the abuse of religion to attain power is as dysfunctional as Valeyat-e Faqhee itself. I'm not sure why you would characterize your grandmother as an Imam, but I've no doubt you've suffered in your life. I only hope that you find the help you need to be happy again someday. Good luck...

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Result of Possible U.S. attack on Iran

Posted by humint to freedom44; Brilliant
On News/Activism 11/19/2005 1:29:26 AM PST · 21 of 32

The people of Iran need a government to give them a period of de-Islamization and de-Arabization. If this does not happen through a peaceful process, it will lead to a period of revenge and retaliation. If left unattended it may even lead to disintegration of Iran. The Forces of disintegration are already at work, and if the central regime remains in the hand of Mullahs, many parts of Iran are ready to accept the disintegration as a response to the imposed Islamic regime.

Do either of you have any idea what this conclusion is trying to articulate? Specifically how does one de-Islamize, de-Arabize? These are the kind of policy suggestions that make people smile, nod and try to find the best chohlo kabab shack near Imam Khomeini Sq. Why? Because this blurry vision of the future essentially guarantees the square's name is going to remain "Imam Khomeini" for at least another 25 years!

Fortunately the democratic pressures in Iraq will likely engage before any of us have to count on this guys politics. My bet is that the regime will fall, the square's name will change and this guy will still be trying to figure out how to de-Arabize Iran. Maybe he is trying to give all of Iran's oil to the Awhazi Arabs and let them secede. My best guess is that he wants to see Brilliant’s plan in action! And according to him, that what all Iranians want...

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Result of Possible U.S. attack on Iran

Posted by humint to A. Pole
On News/Activism 11/19/2005 12:48:32 AM PST · 20 of 32

I can tell you that Machiavelli was right but that doesn’t necessarily make you right in your application of his work. I don’t know how familiar you are with military texts but I advise that none, on their own should be used as a cookbook to formulate policy. First off, who are the exiles you’re talking about? Have they demonstrated their commitment to the cause and or force “Alexander of Epirus” represents in the contemporary? Are they willing to risk life and limb for their own “Alexander the Great”? Is the goal to conquer? The U.S. is not an empire and never will be therefore we are not conquers but that was Alexander’s intent and in Machiavelli’s day the objective was to amass an empire. Although Machiavelli is “must read” material, much more relevant to our cause today is our own history. In our revolution, colonists broke from their motherland to become Americans. They were not guided by the likes of a cookbook! They held fast to their ideological convictions that liberty was life.

ISBN 0-375-70524-4: FOUNDING BROTHERS: The Generation

Despite the confident and providential statements of leaders like Paine, Jefferson, and Adams, the conclusions that look so foregone to us had yet to congeal for them. The old adage applies: Men make history, and the leading members of the revolutionary generation realized they were doing so, but they can never know the history they are making. We can look back and make the era of the American Revolution a center point, then scan the terrain upstream and downstream, but they can only know what is downstream. An anecdote that Benjamin Rush, the Philadelphia physician and signer of the Declaration of Independence, liked to tell in his old age makes the point memorably. On July 4, 1776, just after the Continental Congress had finished making its revisions of the Declaration and sent it off to the printer for publication, Rush overheard a conversation between Benjamin Harrison of Virginia and Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts: "I shall have a great advantage over you, Mr. Gerry," said Harrison, "when we are all hung for what we are now doing. From the size and weight of my body I shall die in a few minutes, but from the lightness of your body you will dance in the air an hour or two before you are dead." Rush recalled that the comment "procured a transient smile, but it was soon succeeded by the solemnity with which the whole business was conducted."

They would have been hung as traitors if they failed, but national icons if they succeeded. They succeeded spectacularly but not without help. The American Revolution received the exact help that your passage explicitly argues against. We found a partner in France - Treaty of Alliance Between The United States and France; February 6, 1778 – So as to keep my comment manageable it is summed up here in Article two and three… ART. 2. The essential and direct End of the present defensive alliance is to maintain effectually the liberty, Sovereignty, and independance absolute and unlimited of the said united States, as well in Matters of Gouvernement as of commerce. ART. 3. The two contracting Parties shall each on its own Part, and in the manner it may judge most proper, make all the efforts in its Power, against their common Ennemy, in order to attain the end proposed.

Was France stupid for breaking Machivellian logic by forming an alliance with petty colonists? Remember, back then we were just Britain’s exiles? No, I’d say they found more relevant texts and experience to measure and formulate effective policy. For good open source context I recommend you consider reading the Marine Corp Small Wars Manual of 1942, and then add to those ideas all that you know about globalization… and then formulate an effective “end to end” campaign to achieve your goals. I’ll be very surprised if you still find the passage you chose, HOW DANGEROUS IT IS TO BELIEVE EXILES, to be the most relevant Machiavellian passage you can find.

Regardless... thanks for bringing depth to the discussion. Your point of view cannot be easily dissmissed when backed up with Machiavelli.

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Why Iran Can’t Be Trusted

Posted by humint to humint
On News/Activism 11/18/2005 11:18:46 PM PST · 2 of 2

Freedom of Expression in Iran

Female journalist stabbed

  • Tabriz news (website), Oct. 05 - A female journalist, was found severely injured under a bridge in Zabriz, North West of Iran. Masoumeh Babapour was stabbed 9 times before being thrown under an abandoned bridge south of Tabriz. Her husband, Hassan Zadeh Bagher, told Tabriz news in a phone interview that his wife had been receiving threatening phone calls from strangers. She was then kidnapped on the street by four men two days before she was found stabbed.

Foreign Movies to be banned in Iran

  • BBC Farsi (website), Oct. 20 – The Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution chaired by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has adopted a policy for allowance of foreign movies and music to be shown in Iran. According to this motion, movies that promote ideas such as secularism, liberalism, nihilism or feminism are destroying the culture of religious societies and are therefore forbidden.

Media watchdog blasts Iran as worst violator in region

  • RFS, Oct. 21 – The international media watchdog, Reporters without Borders (RSF), in a report ranked Iran as the worst violator of press freedoms rights in the Middle East. RSF ranked Iran at 164 out of 167 in its 2005 annual Press Freedom Index. “Iran (164th) once again has the region’s worst record of press freedom, with seven journalists in prison and four others provisionally free and in danger of being returned to jail at any moment”, the top media watchdog said. It highlighted the cases of dissident journalist Akbar Ganji and cyber-dissident Mojtaba Saminejad, who are both currently serving prison terms. The international press freedoms group frequently criticised media censorship and violation of journalists’ rights in Iran.

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India to vote against Iran again

Posted by humint to glow-worm005
On News/Activism 11/18/2005 11:12:07 PM PST · 3 of 4

India to vote against Iran again


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Why Iran Can’t Be Trusted

Posted by humint
On News/Activism 11/18/2005 11:02:54 PM PST · 1 reply · 158+ views

ARAB NEWS ^ | 19 November 2005 | Amir Taheri
Within the next week or so the Board of Governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency will have to decide whether or not to refer the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nations’ Security Council for alleged violations of the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT). We must thus expect a great deal of smoke-and-mirror diplomacy on all sides as no one knows how to negotiate this dangerous bend on the road. Despite its uncompromising posture the Iranian side has already made a number of concessions that would have been regarded as impossible a few weeks ago. The IAEA is now...

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Posted by humint to ctdonath2
On News/Activism 11/18/2005 1:21:59 PM PST · 132 of 222

"That provides a novel, if not entirely comprehensive, solution to the problem... ...when a limited-edition currency comes out there's a stampede to exchange old money for new ... but then a curious thing happens: the new limited-edition currency is hoarded."

What I find funny is that the people who seem to have the least confidence in the U.S. economy are Americans. Our enemies make baseless accusations but their economies are usually in the toilet. In a way this is a good thing. No one should be more critical and self aware about the dollar than Americans. It is this almost paranoid awareness that makes the dollar so valuable.

An interesting case study in international economics is the Liberian dollar, L$. They used to run "limited time offer" commercial spots for the U.S. memorabilia coins and maybe they still do. It was the closest thing to legalized fraud that I've ever witnessed [besides casinos]. They were selling it to Americans at a price that far exceeded the value of a Liberian dollar. I can't tell you how much money they actually made by doing this because I don't know off hand, but this example is just one of TRILLIONS of indicators that the U.S. Dollar and all that we do with it, even the irresponsible things we do with it, when compared to the economies around the world, we are it! We are the people and place to invest, hands down. But we SHOULD be more responsible... Mr. President, prosecute all ENRONism! Crush corrupt accountants and executives, thanks!

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Posted by humint to ClaireSolt
On News/Activism 11/18/2005 12:37:43 PM PST · 105 of 222

"This image that China or Japan could just call in their debt is scaremongering. First the bonds they buy are redeemable at a certain time. They are 30 year or 10 year notes. Second, it it not the governments but individuals in those countries who are investing here."

Exactly!!! Foreign national's investment in the U.S. is an indicator of the confidence others have in America. In overly regulated economies where societies and markets are less free than ours, foreign nationals are still able to vote with thier savings, and when they do this they are saying that the U.S. is the most reliable economy and has the most potential for growth. It is expected that the money be spent in a way that benefits the global economy. The post's concept is so asinine that, thus far I've been joking about it. But I think you're right, this might actually scare some Americans. You framed the reality very well, thanks!

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Posted by humint to manwiththehands
On News/Activism 11/18/2005 12:13:39 PM PST · 73 of 222

the first 224 years of U.S. history, 42 U.S. presidents borrowed a combined $1.01 trillion... "How do we get a "total" of "$46 trillion to $50 trillion"?

If you adjust for inflation, under the Lincoln administration, $1 was equal to $76 billion in today's dollars, just kidding... As I understand it, we could start making these again. I understand they are very valuable!

DAMN, someone already did - Collectors set to stampede banks for new buffalo nickel

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Posted by humint to Robert Drobot
On News/Activism 11/18/2005 11:48:35 AM PST · 11 of 222

Are you ready to repay the $166,000 spent on your behalf?

Who do I pay? And do they take American Express... I could probably get a couple of first class airline tickets in the process... ;)

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IAEA: Iran obtained A-bomb recipe

Posted by humint to West Coast Conservative
On News/Activism 11/18/2005 11:07:06 AM PST · 5 of 16

IAEA: Iran obtained A-bomb recipe

  1. one cup flour
  2. two table spoons of anti-semitism
  3. three eggs from a bird with the flu
  4. one gallon of anti-Americanism
  5. one pint of Jihad
  6. two hundred Shahab IVs
  7. one fascist dictator
  8. one blackmarket nuclear proliferation market
  • cook at 454 degrees fereinheit for 28 odd years...
  • burn Iran's freedom to give it the that smokey flavor and voila'

    As Emeral would say "BAM!"

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Iran In Turmoil As President's Purge Deepens

Posted by humint to XEHRpa
On News/Activism 11/17/2005 8:56:33 PM PST · 30 of 31

This link works... The Letter the Iranian Government Doesn’t Want You to Read

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Iran In Turmoil As President's Purge Deepens

Posted by humint to XEHRpa
On News/Activism 11/17/2005 8:53:33 PM PST · 29 of 31

Why do I get the impression that "sacked" means something entirely different in Islamic societies like Iran?

One way is to get officially dis-approved before competing in Iranian elections in the first place. This was [the] moment the system really started to crack up... Admittedly [the] precise moment is open to debate because the Islamic Republic was born ideologically bankrupt.

The Letter the Iranian Government Doesn’t Want You to Read

As published in Shargh (reformist), Tehran, Iran, Feb. 18, 2004 - Members of the Iranian legislative assembly, or Majlis, restrain conservative legislator Ghodratollah Alikhani (in the turban) from striking reformist legislator Reza Yussefian (off camera) at the opening session of the new Majlis, Feb. 23, 2004 (Photo: Atta Kenare/AFP-Getty Images).

On Feb. 18, 2004, in the immediate run up to the controversial Iranian legislative elections, two reformist Iranian newspapers, Yas-e no and Shargh, published an open letter to Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei signed by 70 reformist legislators who had resigned to protest a decree forbidding more than half of the candidates from running. The next day, the Tehran prosecutor’s office ordered the papers closed. Criticising the supreme leader is a criminal offence in Iran...

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Welcome to The "LONG WAR" with IRAN America!

Posted by humint to kjam22
On News/Activism 11/17/2005 1:35:55 PM PST · 24 of 25

"I don't think Newt is right in this instance. We're not at war with Islam alone. We're at war with the clock. If it takes 50 to 70 years to win this war with Islam... we will have suffered nuclear explosions in our country by then. That's why a long war is not acceptable."

Newt didn't say that we are at war with Islam, only the fascists radicals who murder in the name of Islam, but I think I know where you're going with your comment.

Good catch, but I think I should take more credit for the logical conflict between the "Long War" concept and the undeniable urgency Tehran's nuclear ambitions demands. His entire testimony addresses the urgency issue you mention much better than the excerpts I chose. I decided to focus more on the ideological and longer term implications of our conflict with Iran because I think he's touched on the ideological aspects of the conflict better than anyone else I've read to date. After reading his entire testimony you may find, as I did that he recommends measured responses to Iranian behaviors, specifically responses that take into account the ticking nuclear and terror "clocks".

And if you feel as though his testimony didn’t hit the nail on the head in terms of urgency… James Woolsey and Ilan Burman both gave testimony on the 15th and they both gave very good suggestions on how America can deal with the urgency issue.

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Welcome to The "LONG WAR" with IRAN America!

Posted by humint to Coffee_drinker
On News/Activism 11/17/2005 9:44:01 AM PST · 20 of 25

When in England at a fairly large conference, Colin Powell was asked by the Archbishop of Canterbury if our plans for Iraq were just an example of empire building by George Bush. He answered by saying that, "Over the years the United States has sent many of its fine young men and women into great peril to fight for freedom beyond our borders. The only amount of land we have ever asked for in return is enough to bury those that did not return." It immediately became very quiet in the room.

I've never heard American foreign diplomacy and policy described so well... Thanks for making this part of your FR home page.

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IAEA Director General Could Present Russian Nuclear Compromise Deal to Iran This Weekend

Posted by humint to Alex Marko
On News/Activism 11/17/2005 9:27:26 AM PST · 3 of 3

IAEA Director General Could Present Russian Nuclear Compromise Deal to Iran This Weekend

This is going to be a tough sell seeing as how Iran Ignores Pleas to Halt Uranium Work.

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Welcome to The "LONG WAR" with IRAN America!

Posted by humint to Billthedrill
On News/Activism 11/16/2005 9:41:12 PM PST · 18 of 25

...its nearly always infuriating "Religion Of Peace" sobriquet toward the nominal leaders of a religion that is, at the moment, anything but.

You make some great observations but I hope you don't mind me saying so, I think they’re from a regionalist's perspective. It appears to me that we have two types of allies among Muslim leaders; economic and ideological. The two types are in some cases combined in the same host and in other cases, diametrically opposed. Without getting into hair splitting detail, the Saudis are our allies and it is in all of our interests that they stay our allies.

To the broader point, we do have ideological allies who subscribe to Islam, and to them Islam is a religion of peace. To them Islam is fully compatible with the progressive ideas of liberal democracy. We should seek to partner with them and I think President Bush implicitly rewards them when he subjectively identifies them. The region may be ready for President Bush to objectively identify them, in other words point out who truly believes Islam is a neighborly religion of peace, but I’m of the belief that it’s too early to do so universally.

Newt points out that this is an ideological war, and by default, ideological wars are global wars. Ideology is not a containable entity particularly with the advent of globalization. In the information age, we will fight our enemies with our intellect and winning or losing will depend on our participation and comprehension of the debate.

At the outset of your comment, you asked 'what have they done?' and many will answer in terms of numerics; number of terror attacks, number of civilians murdered… and while these numbers are important we should also measure ideological damage. The Iranian regime molests the electoral process by pre-approving candidates and never electing the highest authority in Iran. How many journalists have called Iran a democracy because they witnessed Iranian voters at the polls? Each time they’ve done that, they’ve obfuscated our ideology! And let’s be clear about this, our ideology holds freedoms, all freedoms in the highest regard.

It is precisely this freedom that makes Americans so Ideologically strong. Because a man’s relation with his God is solely a personal experience I can say with confidence, an American can be more Muslim than any Iranian could ever hope to be today. The Islam of the Islamic Republic of Iran is essentially the legislated version of one man’s, Ayatollah Khomeini’s relationship with God, applied to all Iranians. He’s no longer able to appreciate his mortal experience because he died many years ago but Iranians are left to suffer underneath it.

Now, there are Iranians who believe Islam is a religion of peace and it is they, in concert with other Iranian forces, who can correct their state and make it a democracy. By supporting them, we are supporting our own ideology. By supporting them we will protect future generations of Americans. And by supporting them, we will know ourselves better. The fact is, our very existence passively supports democratic dissidents around the globe and that is precisely why the likes of President Mahmood Ahmadinejad seek a world without us in it. But passive support isn’t enough. We need to make a commitment to our own principals and that demands an active commitment to democracy dissidents around the world. It is my humble opinion that we should aggressively encourage those who seek to champion Islam as a religion of peace because without their leadership the war won’t just be long, it may last forever.

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Iran starts new round of uranium conversion: diplomats

Posted by humint to NormsRevenge
On News/Activism 11/16/2005 8:10:38 PM PST · 5 of 5

A senior European diplomat told AFP: "It's not good news, no, not at all." Asked why, the diplomat said: "Because people were trying to arrange for new talks and now it's more difficult."

Negotiations with a Fascist... Only an optimist could say doing what can't be done is made more difficult...

Here's a facetious story for you: A mouse was too fat to fit into his hole, so he thought and thought... He was sure that if he tied a broom to his tail, his situation would improve. Lo and behold, it only made his situation worse. It seems so appropriate for some reason...

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Islam, Democracy and Iran

Posted by humint to PoplarWill
On Bloggers & Personal 11/16/2005 7:48:43 PM PST · 7 of 12

This link works... Satanic Verses

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Islam, Democracy and Iran

Posted by humint to PoplarWill
On Bloggers & Personal 11/16/2005 7:30:38 PM PST · 6 of 12 question involves the Koran. At one point in the Koran, it says to live peaceably with their non Muslim neighbors. Later, it requires people of other religions to either convert or pay a tax for not converting.

Great question! As I understand Islam:

Islamic authorities issue fatwas which are Islamic edicts. You’re probably already familiar with it but a particularly controversial edict was issued by Ayatollah Khomeini. He ordered the British author Salman Rushdie assassinated because of his book “Satanic Verses”. An edict is more of an order.

But Islamic edicts are different from Islamic laws. For Shi’a Muslims, Sharia Law is more commonly followed. Sharia is an official interpretation of the Koran created by Ayatohllas to regulate relationships between Muslims and their surroundings. Ayatohla Sistani, a very influential figure in Iraq today interprets the Koran and follows Sharia. Check out the Q&A section…

The government of Iran, based on Ayatollah Khomeini’s vision of Islamic theocracy, is a government in which its officials subscribe to and legislate through Sharia law. There are however Iranian Muslims who have abandoned Sharia altogether in favor of individual interpretations of their faith. This is to say that a Muslim could follow Sharia as an individual but not seek to see it legislate it.

There are a great number of Muslims who can answer these questions much better than I did here. In writing about Islam, I'm only trying to communicate who America’s potential allies and enemies are in the region from a historical/ideological perspective. I hope this answer comes close to connecting to your question.

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Welcome to The "LONG WAR" with IRAN America!

Posted by humint to Coffee_drinker
On News/Activism 11/16/2005 5:43:59 PM PST · 15 of 25

Now if the liberals could just get out of the way.. we might be able to make some progress.

I have this fantasy, where an archetypal liberal, in this scenario let's call him "Professor Aljazeera", is surfing the internet in search of right wing conspiracies he can foil and up pops a piece like this one. Professor Aljazeera reads Newt's words and thinks to himself, "Newt makes sense to me! Newt really put this into a perspective that all Americans can support."

Later, Professor Aljazeera goes to sleep that night and dreams of all of the hospitals, schools, water treatment facilities and power plants being built in Iraq now... and then he dreams of future lives of a couple Iraqi children, 8 year old girls today but he dreams of them 20 years from now, having coffee and talking politics in a Bazaar in Basra.

Are you with me on this so far?...

And the next morning he wakes up, goes to his university and stops teaching his class to hate themselves and their country. And later that month, after retargeting his internet searches to focus on how to make our nation stronger and freer, gives his class a lecture about "Moral Clarity" and how freedom and responsible self-governance are the wellspring of applying American ideology.

Now I know this fantasy is as unlikely as they come but it is not completely outside the realm of possibility... What do you think Coffee_drinker?

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Welcome to The "LONG WAR" with IRAN America!

Posted by humint to Frank_Discussion
On News/Activism 11/16/2005 4:12:39 PM PST · 8 of 25

I'm still reading Newt's submission...

I considered posting his entire testimony. It's great in its entirety however... a bit long. After reading it, I think using nukes, in Newt's mind is "on the table" but that we can win this “Long War” without them, just as we won the “Cold War” without them. Or should I say, without using them...

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Welcome to The "LONG WAR" with IRAN America!

Posted by humint
On News/Activism 11/16/2005 3:43:56 PM PST · 24 replies · 709+ views

U.S. Senate ^ | 15 November 2005 | NEWT GINGRICH
************* Iran and the Long War Against the Irreconcilable Wing of Islam It is not possible to adequately understand the threat posed by Iran unless the current Iranian regime and its ideological underpinnings are understood within the larger struggle in which the civilized nations of the world are--in varying degrees--unavoidably engaged. In the United States we currently refer to this struggle as the “Global War on Terror”. Yet, this label fails to capture the nature of the threat faced by civilization... ...Because this war is at its core an ideological war, it is more accurate to think of and identify...

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The Young Iranians (Good Read)

Posted by humint to F14 Pilot; DoctorZIn
On Bloggers & Personal 11/15/2005 7:13:50 PM PST · 6 of 7

Perhaps Ahmadinejad won’t roll back the reformists’ gains in social and political freedom—he’ll just freeze the situation as it is. Or maybe he’ll clamp down on political freedoms, which affect activists far more than they do ordinary people, but either leave social freedoms alone or tighten the screws on them very slowly. The final possibility, which isn’t incompatible with the first two, is that even if Ahmadinejad tries to roll back the reforms, Khamenei, who is more pragmatic than he is, will stop him.

This article is so out of touch with at least two essential aspects of the current situation with respect to Iran. This author misses the fundamental pricipals of freedom when she says only dissidents, not the average Iranian will be subjected to a worsening social atmosphere. Dissidents ARE the barometer for freedom and social normalcy! Also the situation on the ground in Iran represents a shifting of authority to those most responsible for the worst atrocities in Iran. It's as though this journalist, trapped in an ignorant bubble, never considered anything beyond her ephemeral experience. This is sad reporting and this is terrible journalism... I find it necessary to right the wrongs commited here with but a sample of what the “pragmatic” Khamenei is ordering done!

  1. Freed Iran hostages tell of 'mental torture', 11 Nov 2005 - Press Association: A Welsh author and her husband held without charge for 13 days by Iranian authorities said today they were subjected to “mental torture”.
  2. Tattoos out for basketball players in Iran, 8 Nov 2005 - AFP: The Iranian basketball federation has banned its players from having tattoos like many of their foreign counterparts, the student-run news agency ISNA reported Tuesday.
  3. Iran sacks diplomats in purge of reformers, 2 Nov 2005 - The Times: The President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has ordered an unprecedented purge of senior ambassadors who are regarded as too liberal for the policies of his administration, The Times can disclose.
  4. More than 290 political protests in Iran in past month, 1 Nov 2005 - Iran Focus: Tehran, Iran, Nov. 01 – Over 290 recorded demonstrations, sit-ins, and strikes took place in various towns and cities across Iran over the past month.
  5. Council of Muslims condemns Iranian threats, 31 Oct 2005 - DPA: The Central Council of Muslims in Germany has condemned the call by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for the destruction of Israel.
  6. Beginning of the end for Iranian president's honeymoon period, 26 Oct 2005 - Financial Times: Complaints about rising chicken prices during the holy month of Ramadan mark the first widespread disquiet about president Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad, just two months after he became Iran's president.
  7. Iran bans foreign films deemed 'feminist' or pro-US, 20 Oct 2005 - AFP: Iran's Islamic regime has slapped a ban on foreign films deemed to be "feminist", "secular" or pro-American, with hardline President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad also pushing his vision of a Koranic society.
  8. Iran jails dissident student leader, 26 Sep 2005 - AFP: Iranian dissident student leader Ali Afshari has been sentenced to six years in jail for "attacking national security", a source close to him said Monday.
  9. Banned art in a show of revolt against mullahs, 25 Sep 2005 - The Sunday Times: A collection of art including works by Picasso, Toulouse-Lautrec and Andy Warhol has gone on show in Tehran, more than a quarter of a century after Iran’s religious leaders banished it to a museum basement as immoral and “anti-Islamic”.
  10. Ahmadinejad Fills Cabinet With Hard-Liners, 14 Aug 2005 - AP: Iran's new president named a government Sunday replete with hard-liners in key ministries, nominations seen as likely to insure more confrontation with the West over the country's nuclear program. None of the 21 ministers in President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's proposed Cabinet are known to back democratic reforms. They are seen as followers of Iran's conservative supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who has the final say on all state matters.

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Must Watch RNC Video "Democrats:Dishonest on Iraq"

Posted by humint to finnman69
On News/Activism 11/15/2005 3:16:26 PM PST · 23 of 26

Must Watch RNC Video "Democrats: Dishonest on Iraq"

Classic! They were actually being honest about what action they thought the situation demanded at the time. It is truely undemocratic of them to abdicate their responsability in the descisions made at that time. They all walked into this with their eyes wide open... They should know that leaders can't close their eyes after the fact and pretend they didn't see what we all saw.


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Energy Conservation Crucial - [BIGGER THREAT: Atmosphere or Zarqawi?]

Posted by humint to A.P.M.
On News/Activism 11/15/2005 1:53:53 PM PST · 6 of 8

How is recommending personal responsibility as it relates to conservation a bad thing?

In the right context it isn't. This article opens with an official comparing apples to elephants. Terrorism and the environment are two subjects that do not fit on a single threat scale. Beyond that, the lighthearted suggestions are fine...

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Energy Conservation Crucial - [BIGGER THREAT: Atmosphere or Zarqawi?]

Posted by humint
On News/Activism 11/15/2005 1:19:48 PM PST · 7 replies · 246+ views

TRINITY TRIPOD of Hartford, CT ^ | Published: Tuesday, November 15, 2005 | By Tina MacDonald
"In my view, climate change is the most severe problem that we are facing today - more serious even than the threat of terrorism." - David A. King, Chief Scientific Advisor to the British Government, Feb. 2004. I must admit that I'm glad this spring-like warm spell has come about this week to relieve us of last week's sudden drop in temperature. What most people don't realize, however, is that we should consider ourselves lucky to have felt those cruel and nasty temperatures. Seven of the 10 hottest years in the 20th century were in the 1990s, and temperatures are...

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Iranian Alert - November 15 - Ethnic Unrest in Iran is Not a Sign of Separatist Sentiments

Posted by humint to DoctorZIn
On News/Activism 11/15/2005 10:54:19 AM PST · 4 of 6

This is good work however it leaves policy makers wondering: "what card should they play, if not the separatist one?" If the Iranian regime is unwilling to represent the diversity of Iran's provinces then they [Ahwazi-Iranians and so forth] should represent themselves, with support of Western democracies. And that representation should be focused on greater civil rights, specifically for them, but generally for all Iranians. To that end we must ask, "whose rights have been broken and how severely?" What are those rights and what is the vehicle to insist that they be recognized. At a recent AEI event, it was suggested opposition media [LA Based] should do a better job of recognizing the contributions and cultural identities of all Iranians. Ahwazis have played a significant role insisting the government recognize them and have paid a heavy price for it. The information below demonstrates beyond a reasonable doubt their sacrifice in the cause for greater freedoms.


  • I - Grave site = Susangerd-Ahwaz highway, Past Afagh village, near Jihad cemetery.
  • II- Number of victims = Hundreds buried here.
  • III-Date of burial = August 1988
  • IV -Names of some of the victims
  1. Ehterami, Seyyed Mehdi
  2. Fatemi, Seyyed Mohammad
  3. Firooz-Zadeh
  4. Hadi pour
  5. Hessami, Seifollah
  6. Kalakach, Massoud
  7. Kalantar, Ardeshir
  8. Ka'abi, Jaber
  9. Makyandi, Bijan
  10. Moussapour, Bahman
  11. Rassulnejad, Saleh
  12. Shahin
  • I - Grave site = This mass grave is on Kut Abdollah Rd., near Behesht Abad cemetery.
  • II - Number of victims = Hundreds buried here.
  • III - Date of burial = August 3,1988
  • IV - Names of some of the victims
  1. Abbasian, Behrooz
  2. Afri, Zahra
  3. Ahmadian Moghadass, Ahmad
  4. Akhlaghi, Zahra
  5. Bagheri, Mehrdad
  6. Bagheri, Parvin
  7. Bagheri, Zeinab
  8. Dehghanzadeh, Mahmoud
  9. Faridan-Esfahani, Sadeq
  10. Ghahremanj, Bijan
  11. Havaji-Nia, Farhang
  12. Kafi-Tehrani, Jaber
  13. Keykavoosi, Fereidoon
  14. Makvandi, Gholam Hossein
  15. Omidian, Mohammad Reza
  16. Salehi, Ali-Akbar
  17. Sharaf Assadi, Bahram
  18. Sharifi, Changiz

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The Iranian Policy in Iraq

Posted by humint
On News/Activism 11/14/2005 11:48:50 PM PST · 263+ views

almendhar ^ | 15/11/2005 09:42:36 | IRAKNA
They refer to a closed meeting that Ali Khamen'ei, the Grand Guide for the Islamic Revolution in Iran, has held with Al Quds Brigade, which is well-known for its activities on Iraqi lands. During the meeting, they restricted the activities of the brigade to shaking security and attempting to forces the coalition forces to withdraw from the cities, through executing terrorist attacks. A commander in the brigade, which is under the Iranian Revolutionary guards, praised the achievements that were accomplished during the past months. These are represented in forcing the Americans to resort to camps with high walls (approximately 10...

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Call to shift N-work to Russia wins support

Posted by humint to jb6
On News/Activism 11/14/2005 10:13:54 PM PST · 8 of 10

Never maid those claims, now did I? ;P Iran will continue working on the nukes...

Nope, you never did. Just wondered if you were leaning in that direction...

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Call to shift N-work to Russia wins support

Posted by humint to jb6; rahbert
On News/Activism 11/14/2005 8:49:46 PM PST · 6 of 10

Nuclear fuel for light water reactors can not be inserted into warheads to make anything more then a dirty bomb. Enriched Uranium isotopes for nuclear weapons are a tiny fraction of what's in the rods (less then 1%) and very difficult to seperate out from the radioactive junk.

Do you believe Iran is going to scrap its demand to control an "end to end" uranium fuel cycle? And even if they do give it up, are you confident, given their history of deceipt that they would not attempt to make a bomb with spent fuel?

SEE Plutonium from Light Water Reactors as Nuclear Weapon Material Harmon W Hubbard April, 2003

The feasibility of using “reactor grade” plutonium (Pu) for nuclear explosives was established some years ago. The Department of Energy, in 1977, declassified the fact that an underground test had been conducted (in 1962) in which weapon grade Pu had been replaced with reactor grade Pu with successful results. They re-emphasized the test in 1997 for the arms control community1. The subject of illegal construction of nuclear explosives was reviewed by J Carson Mark, late T-Division head at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), in a 1990 report.2 The focus of his report was terrorist organizations with access to spent reactor fuel, and he concluded that the difficulties encountered by a terrorist group in using reactor grade Pu for explosive fabrication differ only in degree, but not in kind, from the problems they would find using weapon grade Pu. In this note, however, we are more interested in a “rogue” state with access to Pu from a light water reactor (LWR), and having perhaps more technical expertise, and certainly more resources available, than the putative terrorist group. Our approach is qualitative with quantification of key items necessary for estimates. All of the data and theory used in this note have been in the public domain for many years3.

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Former President of Iran Urges Religious Leaders to Fight to Abolish Nuclear and Chemical Weapons

Posted by humint to Ben Mugged
On News/Activism 11/14/2005 8:34:29 PM PST · 3 of 5

Khatami also took an indirect swipe at the United States and allies for remarks that "fan the flame of war between Muslims and Christians."


  • Muslims Are Playing A Vital Role In The War On Terror. Muslim leaders are denouncing terrorism, and the time has come for all responsible Islamic leaders to denounce an ideology that exploits Islam for political ends and defiles a noble faith. Many Muslims have joined the fight against extremism. The United States is proud to stand by those who stand up for the liberty, justice, and humanity of their own tradition.

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Former Iran President Speaks Against Nukes

Posted by humint to humint
On News/Activism 11/14/2005 8:22:00 PM PST · 4 of 4

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Former Iran President Speaks Against Nukes

Posted by humint to humint
On News/Activism 11/14/2005 8:11:43 PM PST · 3 of 4

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Former Iran President Speaks Against Nukes

Posted by humint to humint
On News/Activism 11/14/2005 8:01:57 PM PST · 2 of 4

Washington says Iran seeks to produce nuclear warheads, but Tehran says its program is solely to produce electricity and insists every nation has that right.

Nuclear Energy or Nuclear Weapons?... Extensive Concealment and Deception Record

  • Once revealed, Iran offered rationale for "peaceful" nuclear fuel cycle; However:
  • Nuclear energy independence not feasible given ore reserves
  • Iran could maximize its earnings and energy by:

    1. Importing nuclear fuel
    2. Reducing waste of natural gas currently flared
    3. Increasing gasoline production for domestic energy independence

  • Iran's uranium reserves cannot support planned nuclear power plants, but are well-scaled to give Iran a significant number of nuclear weapons.
  • Iran's nuclear program is very similar to another state's nuclear weapons program.

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75% of Iran’s government officials from Revolutionary Guards [Military takes over]

Posted by humint to freedom44
On News/Activism 11/14/2005 7:09:26 PM PST · 8 of 9

Mohammad Soleymani... ...was arrested briefly while secretly filming the residence of leading Iranian opposition figures in a suburb north of Paris...

A source close to the Supreme Leader informed sources that would only speak to Venezuelan officials who spoke to me on condition of anonymity said that Senior Iranian official Mohammad Soleymani, AKA Peeping Mohammad... prefers to go by his IRGC nickname:

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US says new evidence of Iran nuclear arms ambition

Posted by humint to Lorianne
On News/Activism 11/14/2005 1:03:53 PM PST · 9 of 9

Iranian Uranium Reserves: Only Enough for Weapons

Iran's uranium resources cannot support the peaceful program Iran says it is pursuing. However, Iran's uranium resources are more than sufficient to support a nuclear weapons capability. The Gachin mine's output (~21 tonnes/yr) alone could supply enough uranium, if enriched, to produce ~4 nuclear weapons/yr.

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Islam, Democracy and Iran

Posted by humint to DoctorZIn
On Bloggers & Personal 11/14/2005 12:17:31 PM PST · 4 of 12

FYI, :)

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Islam, Democracy and Iran

Posted by humint to Prasanpanich
On Bloggers & Personal 11/14/2005 7:00:45 AM PST · 3 of 12

"Islam allow killing anyone who resist Islam."

Where did you get this idea? If you've come to believe this by watching self professed Muslims murder in the name of Islam, they are not Muslims at all. The truth is murderers do not represent the societies Moses, Jesus or Mohamed envisioned.

"So Islam is not the true religion."

Under Jeffersonian ideology, your spiritual opinion is as valid as the next man's. And just as his or hers is personal, so is yours. If one were to legislate your opinion, that individual would be guilty of infringing on all other individual's "God given right" to decide which faith is true for them. The freedom to self govern is endowed to individuals by none other than the highest spiritual authority. And for that we say God Bless America, Allah Ahkbar (God is Great).

Not only is Islam compatible with democracy, it is essential that its believers compel its leaders to reverse the un-Islamic fatwas of Khomeini and others. It is fully within the scope of Islam to establish Jihad against dictatorship and the oppression that it breeds. Islam has been hijacked by a handful of deceitful clerics to oppress its believers and this is not new in history. The Catholic Church was at one time plagued by ideological corruption. It has been argued that Jefferson’s genius was part of a much larger reaction to that corruption, the English Reformation. We can learn much from those who came before us, if we listen to them through their words and deeds…

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Islam, Democracy and Iran

Posted by humint
On Bloggers & Personal 11/13/2005 11:12:45 PM PST · 11 replies · 449+ views

Thomas Jefferson and Dariush Zahedi | 14-NOV-2005 | humint
I believe that there is a difference between secularists who are anti-religion [anti-Islam], and secularists who seek to insure "freedom of religion" is the end goal of American foreign policy toward the Middle East. In that light, I am submitting two items; both historical in nature, to facilitate a discussion about Islam and democracy. Just as one need not be a Christian to understand and subscribe to Jeffersonian secularism, one needn’t be a Muslim to discuss Islam's potential compatibility with democracy. Jeffersonian ideology, the root of separation of religion and state, is fully at odds, not with Islam but with...

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Abandon Iran gas line, US tells Pakistan

Posted by humint to Gengis Khan
On News/Activism 11/12/2005 9:03:37 PM PST · 13 of 13

"In fact its the US going soft on Pakistani terrorism that has to an extent emboldened Pakistan and resulted in the recent surge in the number of terrorist incidents."

There is a considerable amount of substance to your points. I am well aware that India's foreign policy is Pakistan-centric and the partnership between the United States and Pakistan has left some in India feeling a little uncomfortable about U.S. intentions but it is very important for you to recognize that the statement you made above is gross mischaracterization. U.S. policy does not embolden terrorists. We are engaged in a war on terrorism! This war, like all others, has a target. But unlike a conventional war, the actors are in many nations. He mentioned Pakistan and Kashmir by name.

President Bush made the target very clear on Veterans Day when he said,

“Yet, while the killers choose their victims indiscriminately, their attacks serve a clear and focused ideology -- a set of beliefs and goals that are evil, but not insane. Some call this evil Islamic radicalism; others, militant Jihadism; and still others, Islamo-fascism. Whatever it's called, this ideology is very different from the religion of Islam. This form of radicalism exploits Islam to serve a violent, political vision: the establishment, by terrorism, subversion and insurgency, of a totalitarian empire that denies all political and religious freedom. These extremists distort the idea of jihad into a call for terrorist murder against Christians and Hindus and Jews -- and against Muslims, themselves, who do not share their radical vision.

Many militants are part of a global, borderless terrorist organization like al Qaeda -- which spreads propaganda, and provides financing and technical assistance to local extremists, and conducts dramatic and brutal operations like the attacks of September the 11th. Other militants are found in regional groups, often associated with al Qaeda -- paramilitary insurgencies and separatist movements in places like Somalia, the Philippines, Pakistan, Chechnya, Kashmir and Algeria. Still others spring up in local cells -- inspired by Islamic radicalism, but not centrally directed. Islamic radicalism is more like a loose network with many branches than an army under a single command. Yet these operatives, fighting on scattered battlefields, share a similar ideology and vision for the world.”

In terms of support for or against terrorism, Iran can only ever be India’s fair weather friend. Despite the occasional rift that exists between Sunnis and Shi’ites, Iranian officials employ acts of terrorism as routine state policy. Both India’s and Pakistan’s cooperation with the United States in the War on Terror is essential and should be looked at by Indians as a separate foreign policy initiative than it Pakistan-policy.

I believe you have your bad guys flipped here… Tehran’s explicit support for terrorism emboldens Pakistani militants, not U.S. efforts to convince Pakistan [and India] to quash its energy deals with Iran.

There are many ways to look at the problem of terrorism and just as many suggestions about how to rid the world of it. The term terrorist however is used by many as a political whip against ones opponents. I enjoy conversations that seek the real root causes, determine targets and recommend solutions. This is a good thread. I hope you are enjoying it as much as I am. -H

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Abandon Iran gas line, US tells Pakistan

Posted by humint to Gengis Khan; Saberwielder
On News/Activism 11/11/2005 3:13:59 PM PST · 10 of 13

...not many will risk making that statement.

Thank you both for your opinions. If it makes you feel any better, moving forward I'll supplant the words "shut down" with "exposed” when referring to the AQ Khan network. Both have similar ramifications although I concede they are not the same thing. And the phrase "ended support for the Taleban [government]" with "continues to support elements of the remains of Taleban insurgents".

You both appear to have an Anti Pakistan slant for reasons that, from what you've argued here, I would probably agree with... But aren't you a little off topic? Pakistan would be in a better position, both politically and economically, if it decides not to do this “pipeline” deal with Iran.

India is trying to get a peace of the action as well and I'm against that too. I have spoken at length with my Indian friends and they are unanimous that relations with the U.S. serve their country's interests much more so than stronger ties to Iran. India would be in a much better position both economically and politically if it stands with the community of free nations against Iran.

Although Pakistan has made mistakes; it is not US policy to isolate Pakistan as it is to isolate Iran. If you have a better suggestion for US policy toward Pakistan, make it... I am stead fast in my belief that the situation with respect to Pakistan HAS improved over the last decade. You can dispute how much credit should go to the Pakistani government for those improvements but that wasn't a topic I brought up to debate. However, it is interesting, on its own.

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Thoughts on Americans who fought for their country

Posted by humint to SandRat
On News/Activism 11/10/2005 10:34:10 PM PST · 2 of 3

My grandpa was in a war, but he doesn't talk about it to me or to anyone in general.

This phrase, the one that shows the weakest praise for the memorial anniversary that is veterans day, sums it up the best in my opinion. There is a fundamental dichotomy in human nature that plagues free men, and free women. And that is maintaining the character and discipline required to uphold the values and responsibilities that are the foundation of freedom while one is free.

Do we teach our children to serve, or do we let them realize the necessity on their own? We can show that it is vital to serve, but not force the idea on them. If we do, I have no doubt that they would submit their lives to our causes without recognizing the end goal is their success, not ours.

I am a veteran… but I do not wish for anyone to recognize me on Veterans Day. I only wish that those who have not served recognize the necessity of service. For that, I find myself saying, “Happy Veterans Day” to Americans that haven’t the slightest clue it’s Veterans Day! Somehow, I doubt any of them walk away thinking, “My son or daughter would honor themselves if they served in uniform for these United States”. But I do it any way, hoping that they will one year ask with a smile, “Are you a Veteran?” They haven’t yet, but if they do, I can’t imagine saying much more than yes, and returning their smile.

Great post! It made me think and thinking is a great thing…

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