The American President is Just a Servant!

The role of President in America, arguably the most powerful role on earth, is that of a Public Servant. And while I doubt a person fit for the role would forget this fact, I sense some of my fellow Americans have. Therefore, it is incumbent on me as a Citizen to re-introduce my fellow Americans as well as our nations’ enemies to this concept in both word and deed. It is essential that we all know and are comfortable with this concept; the leader of the free world is a Public Servant.

Some of you, friends and enemies alike, may be surprised to learn that the origins of American power are ideas that aren’t American at all! Even if they were originally conceived by an American, it’s a fools’ game to claim ownership of ideas that are the mechanics of successful society. Philosophy and some history books may reference the mind that conceived the notions of citizenship, human rights and democracy but these ideas belong to humanity and what is socially significant is that these ideas are actualized, in other words, applied to facilitate the greater good.

This work will demonstrate that American citizens, by sheer strength of will, successfully apply philosophical ideas to our society everyday. The full scope of my ambition with this work is in fact to demonstrate American power right here, right now. But if I do so without developing an appropriate context, you may mistake my ambition for arrogance and contempt for the Presidency of the United States.

The context is simple. Philosophers of old theorized relationships between people and their leaders, some abhorrent, others ideal. The best among them proselytized citizenship and democracy. The framers of our constitution were extremely familiar with these ideas. In fact, they were so familiar with these ideas that they were willing to risk everything, including their lives, to actualize what before then had just been… philosophy.

But that was a long time ago and with few exceptions, Americans and our enemies tend to think of the American Revolution in the Abstract, if they bother to think of it at all. But from that Revolution the role of the American President was born. The objectives of the American Revolution and the new leadership role it created were for the highest official in the United States of America to attend to the needs of American Citizens in their pursuit of liberty and happiness. This was a landmark moment in American and world history and its lessons are known best by the American leaders as well as the leadership of our enemies.

Today, most Americans are submerged in their own liberty and happiness, so fascinated by their own culture that their enemies get little if any of their attention. Some Citizens, also oblivious to their enemies, are experiencing American liberty but are unhappy for one reason or another and, unconsciously, become aligned with the politics and logic of their enemies. I do not blame the free and unhappy who take American history and the role of American President for granted. I do however blame those unhappy Americans who position the responsibility for their unhappiness and all unhappiness around the world at the feet of the American President without first considering that the President is their Public Servant.

The U.S. Constitution is clear on this point; Public Servants are NOT ultimately responsible for the liberty and happiness of our nation, Citizens ARE! The American Revolution established that the responsible parties in our Constitutional Society are American Citizens. As Citizens we are the true officers in our society who are duty bound to ensure the President of the United States serves our collective interests. To that end, the facilitation of our pursuit of liberty and happiness requires that Citizens give guidance to our Public Servants.

Abdicating the responsibility to provide quality guidance is an abdication of the power of the American Citizen. Simply suggesting a Democrat replace a Republican is no guidance at all and is absurd, particularly when the United States is at war. Both Democrats and Republicans have a vested interested in seeing Citizens of these United States succeed. To guide their chief Public Servant Americans should look at the obstacles to their liberty and happiness and derive tangible solutions to overcome them.

Ours is a nation for the people, by the people. In other words, the role of the American President is to speak on behalf of American Citizens. I am having trouble imaging how any President could perform such an act without our very clear contribution to his words. So that President George W. Bush has the requisite guidance to speak on my behalf, I’ve composed a draft speech below. While this act may not strike you as revolutionary it is an important if not the most important lesson Citizens should glean from the American Revolution.


Anonymous Citizens’ Draft Speech Prepared for THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

American Citizens, I speak to you today as your Servant and the Commander and Chief of the American Armed Forces. We are at war and have been for some time. Your enemy is unique to this war but similar to historical enemies of the United States in that this enemy is willing to kill Americans, kill our allies and die for their confused ambitions. There are Americans serving you in my administration who understand your enemy. They know your enemy’s motives and your enemy’s weaknesses in great detail but I am not before you today to discuss your enemy. I am here today to remind you of the cause of the American people and the efforts of your Public Servants who strive to maintain your quest for greater liberty and happiness.

War is nothing like liberty and happiness. War is torment and I am tormented by this war. I want it to end as soon as possible as I know you do but it is not over yet. The fight continues despite the great progresses being made. And while that progress is evident, so too are the sacrifices made to achieve those gains. All of this has been accomplished on my orders.

In your service and on my orders soldiers and civilians have embarked on an historic mission that, through sacrifice, will cement a change in the region that will lead to a new age of peace and prosperity for those nations who see the value of liberty.

We will memorialize the names of those who have fallen after this war ends, not to glorify this war but so that we never forget our tragic losses. Your culture, American culture, is about life and exercising your lives to their fullest potentials. There may be no better example of individual liberty than a human being who knows that there are no obstacles to reaching their full potential. You need not be reminded that your culture of life is inextricably rooted in your diversity. Social cohesion in America is based on mutual respect for individual liberty, not a specific gender, race, religion or language.

There is incredible power in this fact! Make no mistake about it – the power of the United States is directly proportional to your collective experience, wisdom and greatness. For this reason I ask you to share your experiences with my administration. I encourage your constructive criticisms and progressive suggestions so that I and future Presidents may better represent you at home and abroad.

In conclusion I would like to emphasize that the future belongs to those willing to define it. I have supreme faith and confidence in your future successes because our America today has been forged by the blood, sweat and tears of your American families. When I meet my fellow Americans, every day, I feel that strength. May God Bless You and God Bless America.




  • The American President is Just a Servant!

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