U.S. Variables - Win the War for the Future!


Are today’s today's statesmen are making the right calculations? What are the variables that will take U.S.-Iran relations into the future? Here’s my list for your consideration…


  1. Work toward a guarantee of liberty and of the pursuit happiness for the people of the world, particularly the Middle East and visitors to the Middle East
  2. A hiccup in the world economy is acceptable in my opinion, not a crash, to achieve the first goal
  3. Establish free and fair trade with all resource exporting countries and regions
  4. Form a trade alliance between resource importing countries to offset politically destabilizing alliances formed between resource exporting countries
  5. Create an international, strategic energy reserve for both fossil and renewable energy resources, technology and equipment
  6. Tie currency valuation to the international strategic reserve mentioned above


  1. Win decisively in Iraq! A democratic and unified Iraq is the key, short term goal to achieve the requisite forward momentum toward global peace and stability
  2. Prepare for war with Iran’s fascist leadership. Iran is the single biggest threat to forward momentum toward global peace and stability
  3. Target sanctions to limit Tehran’s warmongering
  4. Transition unilateral sanctions against Iran to multilateral sanctions
  5. Support small businesses, women’s groups and labor groups in the Middle East, particularly Iran
  6. Fight isolationist and socialist policies that are arguably, the root cause of both war and corruption
  7. Support investment in markets that best prepare the world to optimize the long term variables mentioned above

The United States is ideally and uniquely suited to lead the world into a new age of peace and prosperity. Through a long and sometimes bloody process, Americans have come to a place in our history where, everyday, we demonstrate that a diverse populace can live, work, trade and play together. Pockets of leadership around the world are resisting their population’s natural behavioral alignment toward American values. They see this very natural absorption of successful behavior as a threat to their despotic authority. They are right! American values and the subsequent success that comes from living by them is a significant threat to the few remaining despots around the world. It is not those despots the United States should turn to for allegiance, but the people who struggle against despotism. They are America’s true allies in the war for the future. The Global War On Terror is exactly that, The War For The Future of All Human Kind! Let us hope that this war will not claim as many lives as the American Revolution, The American Civil War, World War I or World War II to name a few; all of which were wars for the future of all humankind, but let us not be deterred by the fear of death. The best Americans are sacrificing everything for our collective futures and they do so, knowing that the stakes are too high to surrender this war, the War For The Future, to the soldiers of the past and their despotic commandants.

So take these ideas… these variables and consider them. Consider what they mean to our children and our children’s children. The success of the American Experiment is not guaranteed. It requires a stern commitment from Americans and our allies around the world. The most valuable of our allies may not be sitting in the seats of power today but will be there tomorrow. And those allies understand the power of liberty and demand the right to pursue it and hold high the expectations of the happiness that comes from a life lived with liberty.




  • U.S. Variables - Win the War for the Future!

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