HUMINT: Anti-Iran in Baku

Another anti-Iran protest in Baku dispersed - AssA-Irada 16/10/2006 23:58

Shakh Aivazov -- Associated Press Photo

A group of opposition Party for National Independence of Azerbaijan (PNIA) activists attempted to picket the Iranian embassy in Baku on Friday to support Azeris advocating for their rights in the neighboring country. The police blocked the protesters. Five of them were detained and taken to a police precinct. Nonetheless, the picketers managed to submit a resolution to the embassy employees urging the Iranian authorities to provide suitable conditions for Azeris to receive education in their mother tongue and free prisoners. This follows similar attempts to picket the Iranian embassy by PNIA on September 22 and September 29 and by another group, entitled the Committee for Support to the South Azerbaijan National Freedom Movement, on September 25. Iran is home to 30 million Azeris, or about 25% of the overall population, which is predominantly Persian.


The Iranian Federal Congress
Iran is a multinational country composed of Arabs, Baloch, Kurds, Fars, Turks, and Turkmen. These nations live in integral geographical parts and are also spread in different part of country. The Iranian government follows chauvinistic policies, by discriminating against citizens based on their religion, language and ethnicity. The present theological government, as did the previous monarchist government, treats Arabs, Baloch, Kurds, Turks, and Turkmen as second and third class citizens. This has resulted in policies that do not regard other languages and religions as equal to Persian and Shi’a Islam. The present system has hindered the economic, cultural and social progress of all oppressed nations in Iran. Except for the Persian and Shias, minorities are subject to reactionary and discriminatory government policies.

Iran strengthens border with Azerbaijan - Issue No.8 (294), 2003
According to reliable information from Tabriz, the Iranian regime has recently begun to strengthen its military positions bordering Turkey and even more so along the Iranian-Azerbaijani border. Pundits attribute these emergency military measures to possible US war against Iraq, the raising of ethnic problems in South (Iranian) Azerbaijan to the agendas of international organizations and enhanced US and Israeli influence in Turkey and Azerbaijan. It is also claimed that the number Ardabil army personnel in charge of protecting the main Iranian-Azerbaijani border has been increased from 3,500 to 16,000 and a 280 strong special force has been added. F-5 and Miq-29 jets have been brought to combat readiness. The Sardurud defense staff located 10km from Tabriz have been provided with rockets and missiles. The Iranian armed forces have also been brought to combat readiness in the Naxcivan and Qarabag sections of the border with Azerbaijan. Moreover, an armored unit in Qazvin is ready to quell possible internal rioting in cities populated by Turkic and Kurdish speaking communities in South Azerbaijan. Intelligence devices have been installed in the Bilasuvar, Astara and Julfa regions of the South Azerbaijan to control mobile and wireline telephone talks in a 300-km distance from the border. Furthermore, mobile bridges in the Iranian-Azerbaijani border to ensure the passage of armored forces and tanks have been made ready. These mobile bridges can be fixed in any section of the Araz river in five minutes. Combat readiness activities have also been carried out in the Hamadan military airport, Rasht airport and Enzali port. The Rasht and Enzali military staff have been supplied with Jet-Ranger 206 intelligence helicopters. This information was furnished by the South Azerbaijan National Freedom Movement. According to the movement, in total, the Iranian army consists of 700,000 personnel. Though South Azerbaijan constitutes 13 per cent of the Iranian territory, 25 per cent of the army has been deployed in this region.




  • HUMINT: Anti-Iran in Baku

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