HUMINT: Industrial Complexities

Relax America. There is no Military-Industrial Coup underway in Washington DC. Despite the inherent secrecy and subsequent mystery of national security projects, no one should presume the American Military-Industrial Complex is guilty of sedition. American politicians remain essential and relevant to the daily lives of American citizens. The President of the United States is not a sock puppet who simply parrots Multinational Corporate CEO memorandums. If you don’t believe me, read along as I empirically prove the point.

American democracy is about individual liberty. The United States Government was formed and currently exists to represent citizens. Therefore, think about your capacity for representation as a citizen of the United States. By guaranteeing individual Liberty, the Constitution of the United States affords Americans unparalleled capacity for representation.

Surprisingly, it is not necessary to read or even understand the U.S. Constitution to leverage its benefits. This is not to say Americans shouldn’t read it. They definitely should. Every person in the world should read and understand their nation’s constitution. As a direct result of the freedoms the U.S. Constitution guarantees, Americans are free to represent themselves in many unique ways.

The mechanism by which Americans represent themselves includes, but is certainly not limited to their electoral process. Indeed, a healthy democracy requires more than an actively enfranchised population. National security, self respect, tolerance for dissent and a solid education system all do their part to facilitate democracy. Here’s the exciting part. Once in place, democracy tends to improve their community’s quality of life.

Like a chain reaction, what flows from free minds tends to fosters more freedom and greater liberty. As a result, American industry has evolved to sustain, protect and advance individual liberty, not suppress it. Understandably, the more complex a nation is, the more likely it is to be misrepresented or misunderstood.

Industries and the corporations that compete within them are subject to the same sorts of complexities. By its very existence, the so called “Military-Industrial Complex” is inherently mysterious. As a result, it is subjected to insatiable public scrutiny. The way to empirically prove that the Military Industrial Complex has not rendered citizens and their representatives irrelevant is to observe the overall increase in civil liberties.

Ask yourself, do you feel free? Citizens exchanging ideas with other citizens and their representatives remains an extremely influential practice. These days, it is easier to exchange ideas and manifest influence than it ever has been in the history of mankind. That’s freedom! The Military-Industrial Complex was created to protect and serve citizens. Look around you… it’s doing an outstanding job.

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  • HUMINT: Industrial Complexities

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