HUMINT: Resignation Please

For high crimes and misdemeanors, proceedings resembling impeachment are long over due. Start the process now! If it cannot be done domestically then Americans must turn to the international community. The United Nations Security Council must be compelled to authorize action. Everyone in the United States knows it, but surprisingly few will stand up to support it. None of this is secret. The leadership of this regime is guilty of inciting and committing terroristic violence. Add to that; its flagrant abuses of spirituality to consolidate power, institutionalized misogyny, racism and sectarianism. This administration does not respond to its people. It is a farce to assert this administration was elected by the people for the people. In fact, the system that operates today was never beholden to the people. Layers of bureaucracy shield this leadership from opposition, yet, that fact has never prevented it from destroying the careers of men and women who do not parrot its narrow vision.

This leadership coerces allies through intimidation, lies and bribes. Global economics are the only thing keeping this administration from imploding. Every worldwide financial equivalent to Wall Street gives this regime their tacit support. It could be said that these leaders are little more than oil men in fancy dress. With pomp and ceremony, these arrogant figures threaten the existence of other nations. They do imagine a utopia without strife that will come, not through compromise, not through democracy, but through an ideological war. Almost everything they do is rotten. They facilitate terrorism through targeted acts of humanitarian assistance. Do not be distracted by what they say. Look at what they do. Watch their political and military moves. They are buying loyalty in strategic communities only to advance their narrow interests. Instead of empowering women and minorities throughout their country, they treat them like chattel.

The opposition they abhor most derives from people who understand them best. Quietly, members of this regime’s own family have defected. Through them, the ocean of political apostates grows. This regime’s opposition is coalescing, yet it stands nearly alone in exile. Even those that should echo the opposition, publicly reject it. As witnesses to this regime’s repetitious crimes, the opposition announces the core problem clearly, consistently and loudly. The dogmatic script that these men follow justifies every act of aggression. Undeterred, the opposition continues shouting fundamental truths about this regime. Unfortunately, the world behaves as though it has no ears. To be sure, this regime’s truck bombs render the world deaf. Likewise, blood and guts spilled by this regime make for a pathetic mess, but an effective distraction. What is it about these ultra-violent men that renders the world blind to their crimes. Wake up! Wipe the gore off of your mind, regain your composure and stop appeasing this regime. It is long past time to listen to the most coherent voices resisting this regime.

It’s time to increase the pressure, not back off. At a time when this regime is demonstrating the most heinous diplomatic behavior in modern history, there are some who think it’s a good idea to relieve political pressure. Political pressure has been mounting against this regime for years, and for good reason. Backing off now is antithetical to everything democratically minded citizens stand for. The regime I’m referring to is the Iranian Government. The man who deserves some form of impeachment is Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei.

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  • HUMINT: Resignation Please

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