HUMINT: Freedom 101

HUMINT: This course has no official curriculum. It has no Professor or TA. A list of references may help you pass; however, the value of each reference is largely dependant on your own interpretation of it. While there are no prerequisites for this course, consider taking [World History 101] and [Economics 101] concurrent with Freedom 101. Course materials consist of this essay, your personal experience, your community and your government.


  • Tests are not schedule but they will occur.
  • No letter grade will be given. Freedom 101 is strictly PASS/FAIL.
  • If you fail, you are obligated to take this course again. No one is excused.
  • If you pass, you are strongly encouraged to tutor those who have failed or are failing now.

    You cannot cheat. If you steal the freedom of others to enhance your overall standing, you will be prosecuted with extreme prejudice. If you survive your punishment, you will be obligated to take this course again. If you die before you receive punishment, your cheating progeny will be punished. Also, if you die before you receive punishment, your memory will be humiliated in front of your progeny. If you are cheating now, STOP! Stopping now may or may not improve your chances of avoiding punishment; nevertheless, your progeny will be spared your fate.


    Freedom is not easy to live with. Freedom is not easy to exercise. Having freedom to disagree with established doctrine or dogma does not imply said doctrine or dogma is wrong. Living with freedom obligates individuals to defend their unique doctrines and dogmas. Freedom is an authorization to be you in a world that is not you. No one is obligated to be like you or believe what you believe. If anyone obligates you to believe in a doctrine or dogma against your will, they are cheating. Once a cheater is identified, no one is more responsible for punishing cheaters than those being cheated. Once a cheater is identified, no one is more responsible for helping those being cheated than prior graduates of Freedom 101. So how do you know if you’ve passed or failed Freedom 101? Your personal freedom can be measured by the words and deeds of those that supervise and guide you. Once you learn how to measure freedom, check the amount you have. If you learn you have no freedom, you will fail Freedom 101. Do not retake Freedom 101 without making changes in your life.


    SPEECH: The ability to accumulate opinions naturally and express them in an appropriate forum represents freedom of speech. Can you do that? If you cannot express yourself, you are oppressing yourself and you have failed Freedom 101. Learn how to express yourself and retake Freedom 101. If you or anyone else in your community are not authorized to express yourselves, you are oppressed. While the circumstances of your oppression are not of your own making, you still fail Freedom 101. Punish your oppressor and retake Freedom 101. If you need a tutor, look to those who have passed Freedom 101 already.

    PRESS: Access to accurate accounts of events and all subsequent opinions represents freedom of the press. Opinions are like echoes. The loudest opinion may or may not be the most helpful or accurate. Social desirability of speech is not indicative freedom, access is. Do you have access to accurate accounts of events and diverse sets of subsequent opinions? If you answered no, you just failed Freedom 101. Learn how to access accurate information and retake Freedom 101.

    ASSEMBLY: The ability to freely join with like minded friends and exclude unfriendlies represents freedom of assembly. No one should be obligated to: 1] join a group. 2] stay in a group. 3] accept members into their group. If a group’s membership does not practice freedom of speech, freedom of the press and or freedom of assembly, all group members fail Freedom 101. If you are a member of such a group, leave or change the nature of your group before retaking Freedom 101.


    There are NO; national, ethnic, race, religious, tribal, familial, military, historical or economic preferences. Either you are free or your not – either you’ve passed Freedom 101 or you’ve failed. If you failed, we’ll see you next time. If you’re caught cheating, prepare for the worst. Good luck with the rest of your lives. Class dismissed.

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  • HUMINT: Freedom 101

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