HUMINT: Free Body

In science and engineering related industries, there is an essential tool called a FREE BODY DIAGRAM. It’s commonly used by scientists and engineers to predict the future. Sir Isaac Newton’s third law of motion is probably the most important narrative of the FREE BODY DIAGRAM. Newton’s third law states that for every force there is an equal and opposite force. To express that concept geometrically, [engineers | mathematicians | physicists] use vectors. A vector is used in FREE BODY DIAGRAMS to express a magnitude and a direction for a force.

Newton lived between the years 1643 to 1727 and has had an indelible impact on anyone willing to admit that mankind has the capacity to formulate accurate explanations of events. These days, it would be absurd to dismiss his 17th century thinking as obsolete. The fact is; Newtonian Physics effectively explains most of the observable phenomenon happening around us in our world today.

Newton was a Brit. However, his national origin has little relevance on the propagation and use of Newtonian Physics. A FREE BODY DIAGRAM is not a subject for nationalistic debate. Rather, it is arguably the best way to accurately predict the future.

It’s unfortunate that the future location of a projectile is not considered a more viable resource for predicting the future of society or the future of conflict than a strip mall psychic. Indeed, it would be interesting if social scientists were able to use a measure of Newton’s genius to test the legitimacy of their craft.

Instead, casual supposition still pervades the social sciences. Politics and war are as they always have been, but occur now in a modern context. Conquest is out of fashion these days but the underlying neural mechanics that made imperialism and colonialism fashionable a half century ago have not changed one iota. We are of the same mind as our ancestors, as far back as 50,000 years.

What that means is that our modern society holds the biological capacity to do anything our ancestors did over the last 50,000 years. While it would be nice to forget the past and assert that history is obsolete, we cannot and should not. Ask yourself about the origins of our contemporary stability… if you are honest, you’ll find that peaceful coexistence in contemporary America originated with the Declaration of Independence and continued all the way through the Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s. Martin Luther King quoted Jefferson and Lincoln in his socially transformative speeches… but social scientists tend to shy away from assigning sociological vectors to Jefferson, Lincoln, King and forecasting who will rise up to their ideas and ideals in this decade or the next.

HUMINT: In terms of propagating civility today, the plasticity of the human brain affords each of us the ability to adopt new and more complementary behavior. That’s why Americans take peaceful coexistence for granted today and so many other societies cannot tolerate themselves, much less outsiders…

Indeed, it is the raw power of each of our individual intellects that represents the most encouraging asset society has. Ideally, we should be organizing, agitating and educating young Americans. Instead, most Americans accept the ritual pacification they receive daily – as if it were a good thing…

Unfortunately, the more pacified we each become, the more susceptible each of us are to the influences of historical oppressors such as Mao Tse Dong, Joseph Stalin, Adolph Hitler, and Ruhola Khomeini. These men of the past represent a negative force in society. These names engender fear precisely because they became mass murderers to further their political ambitions.

As a social scientist, create a politically derived FREE BODY DIAGRAM for the ideas of Jefferson, Lincoln and King confronting the ideas of Mao, Stalin, Hitler and Khomeini… Does the diagram abide by Newton’s third law of motion? Do the positive forces of the liberators cancel the negative forces of the despots?

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  • HUMINT: Free Body

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