HUMINT: Seven Years

Since 9-11-2001, millions of Americans, and millions of people from other nations, have faced up to the threats and destabilizing acts of a few suicidal cowards. Before I begin to cover what this essay is about, I want to clarify what this essay is not about:

1. It is not about the pain of September 11, 2001,
2. It is not about the murders that occurred that day
3. It is not about the fear of death caused by terrorists in the past
4. It is not about the anxiety of anticipating new terrorist acts in the future.

IT IS ABOUT LIFE: This essay is about defining critical terms important to the process of remembering tragedies. Without a clear understanding of the terms; life, death and fear… there can be no peace or justice in the aftermath of such tragedy. The focus of this remembrance essay is also on terrorists’ fear of life. In addition to that, it’s also an admission that there will be a cultural projection of what I believe about life, death and fear on to what I cannot understand about the people who could commit such an evil crime.

TERRORISTS FEAR LIFE: I believe the perpetrators of 9-11-2001, were driven by fear of living in our imperfect world. In other words, reality could not meet their expectations so they quit the life they had, taking other individuals’ lives in the process.

NEVER FORGET: To remember 9-11-2001, it is important to revisit the concepts of fear, life and death. These ideas must be redefined in order to observe their meaning in the context of 9-11-2001… Why? The notion of existence, in terms of political terrorism, does not subscribe to traditional definitions of life and death. While I do not know what the concepts of fear, life and death mean to terrorists, nor do I care, for their sake. I do however know what the concepts of fear, life and death mean to me.

LIFE IS: Life is the pursuit of happiness without unduly infringing on the lives of others. Life is a struggle for independence from servitude while simultaneously transcending all dependence on servants. Life is liberty, freedom of choice and the self control to restrain ones self from over indulgence in the presence of plenty.

DEATH IS: Death is anxiety over probable events that have not yet occurred. Death is a prayer for misfortune of others, when those “others” wish he who is praying no ill will. Death is the absence of choice. Death is the absence of all temptation or similarly, death is the protection from all temptation. Death is perceived powerlessness while the real power from within is ignored.

FEAR IS: Since a person can be, by these definitions, physically alive, but exist in a dead state, fear is what death feels like. Fear is the observable phenomenon that grips the living dead. It is not fear of death that renders a living person dead. Rather, it is a haunting fear of life that renders a terrorist capable of committing acts contrary to the pursuit of happiness.

TERMS REDEFINED: By these definitions, one must be mortally alive to experience the joys of life. However, one could be physically alive – with a heart beat – but be dead to the joys of life. In other words, one need not die to be dead. A coward, like those who attacked on 9-11-2001, is already dead and they die in their minds many times before the natural life in their body expires.


1. If a person is physically alive, they may, by these definitions, be alive or dead.
2. If a person is physically dead, they are dead without any possibility of life.
3. Fear is what a person who is physically alive feels as they prepare for death.
4. Fear of death is death.
5. Fear of life is death.
6. Therefore, fear is death
7. Do not fear

NO CONCLUSIONS: There is no conclusion to an enduring definition of life that leads to your happiness, your liberty and the liberty of your family, friends and neighbors. A life worthy of enduring should not fear either life or death. The power to live a great life is within each of us. The experience of the last seven years after such a tragedy is proof that our nation can endure difficulty. We may yet prove that our nation can eliminate all of those who committed the terrorist act on 9-11-2001 and target every nation, group or person who indirectly encouraged 9-11-2001.

DO NOT FEAR: To live in a state of fear, or to fear life itself, is the only physical experience of death we will ever have. Do not waste your life approaching death in fear. Instead, spend your life proving that liberty and happiness are why we want to be alive.

WHAT AMERICANS KNOW: Before the tragedy of 9-11-2001, there was the enlightened day of 7-4-1776, the great day the United States was born. Since that day all Americans were given a license to exercise liberty. Since that day, many have sought to deny Americans (including other Americans during the civil war among other times…) our just pursuits. Many more have suggested Americans do deserve our liberties at all…

ALLIED TO LIBERTY: That there are men who would deny natural rights to others is not new. Americans knew in the 18th century, as we knew on 9-11-2001, as we still know and will forever know, an American’s liberty is worth more than their life lived without it. If anyone or anything is determined to prevent your liberty and happiness, they deserve your overt and conscious resistance. If anyone or anything is determined to prevent your liberty and happiness, consider Americans your ally in the struggle against oppression.

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